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« The relationship between humans and dogs is so natural that even a person who feels lost inside can be led back to the path. » Éric St-Pierre

Thanks to your generosity, MIRA can pursue its mission of helping blind or handicapped persons by offering them fully trained guide or assistance dogs, at no cost for them, while pursuing its research and development in order to help an increasing number of persons. Thank you for helping us see a better future! Make a Donation Online (Secure Form)

The MIRA Foundation is incorporated as per the Companies Act (a non-profit organisation), libro C-1091 folio 117. Income tax registration number : 11892 4232 RR0001.

Secured Online Donation (Accès D)

It’s easier than ever to make a donation online, with Accès D internet. Just enter the amount of your donation (in the "Montant" box) and your year of birth (in the "Votre année de naissance" box). Then press send ("envoyer" box). You will be directed to Desjardins’ secure payment server to access your credit card information. .

Donation by mail (form)

Donation In Memoriam (form)

When a loved one passes away, instead of sending flowers you can make a donation in their memory. No matter the amount, all donations are important and appreciated. An acknowledgement letter will be sent to the family of the deceased, advising them of donor names without mention of the amount. You will receive an income tax receipt. Most funeral homes carry the forms, and we will be happy to mail additional forms for friends or family who wish to follow suit. They can be otained by calling Mrs. Céline Lemay at the Mira Foundation (450) 795-3725, extention 0.

Monthly donation (form)

My suscribing to Mira-Direct, you can help MIRA on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. A preauthorized withdraw from your bank account or credit card is simple, practical, confidential and safe. Complete the registration form and return it to MIRA. At the end of each year calendar year, you will receive an official income tax receipt for the total amount donated throughout the year. If you are moving, would like to use a different account, change your monthly amount or cancel your direct debit authorization, you can contact Mrs. Edith Camiré at (450) 795-3725 ext. 228. At any time, you can cancel your direct debit authorization by sending a written notice to the Mira Foundation.

Corporate donation (form)

Joining forces with the MIRA Foundation can provide great advantages for an organization; fiscal advantages as well as high visibility. Just fill out the donation form and send it to us with a check made to the order of the Mira Foundation at the following address:

MIRA Foundation Inc., 1820, rang Nord-Ouest, Sainte-Madeleine, Quebec, J0H 1S0

Donations of 500$ and more will be mentioned in the “Mira says thank you” section of our website!

Donations in kind

Instead of monetary donations, some organizations prefer to offer their products, their services or their expertise. For example, a firm can choose to offer computer graphics services or consulting services, or products like office furniture. Donations in kind are non-monetary donations and are admissible for income tax receipts. (Please consult the Canada Revenue Agency’s website to obtain more information on charitable donations.)

Implement a matching donations program

Double the impact of your donation by implementing a matching donations program in which your employees can participate. You will demonstrate your interest in your employees by making a donation equivalent to theirs. Not only will your organization participate in an original donations program, it will also contribute to support a great cause.

Host a conference

One of our conference speakers can visit you with one of our magnificent dogs. Most conferences can be adapted to suit your needs, and take place in your work environment. It’s an excellent outreach program as we can educate your employees about Mira’s mission. You may wish to plan a fundraising activity around the conference.

Fundraising teams

Setting up a kiosk to sell promotional items in heavy traffic areas is one of our ways of raising funds. By allowing us to install one of our fundraising teams in a space within your company, store or office building, you help us reach a larger group of people.

Planned donations

A simpler way of giving is a planned donation. There are many different, sometimes unknown, ways to give without affecting your regular lifestyle or that of your loved ones. Donating this way allows you to show your support in a tangible way and benefit fiscally. In doing this your wish to help us add, as well as maintain, services offered by the Mira Foundation is satisfied.

A planned donation allows the donor to make a donation that will survive him/her. It is possible to give today for later, and to take immediate advantage of certain fiscal advantages. A planned donation can be one of several different ways.

A will donation

A will donation is a planned donation included in your last will and testament. It dictates your wish to donate to the Mira Foundation. There are many types of will donations. The bequest can be a sum of money, a percentage of the net value of your estate, a property or a piece of art, etc.

Life insurance donations

A life insurance donation is to change the beneficiary and owner of your life insurance policy to the Mira Foundation. It may be an old insurance policy that you no longer need or a new policy. This option has some interesting fiscal advantages.

Share donations

You may transfer your shares, mutual funds, bonds, and the like, to the Mira Foundation. Share Donations to public charities have great fiscal advantages since 2006; they are exempt of capital gains tax.

If you wish to make a planned donation, we recommend you consult your financial advisor to ensure a well thought out plan. Notaries, financial planners, fiscalists and accountants are the best consultants to help you plan your donation and help you take full advantage of all fiscal rebates.



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La vie de Guillaume a basculé quand il est devenu aveugle.
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