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The breeds

Le cheptel
The specialized breeding management unique to the Mira Foundation exceeds by far fate effect. The dogs desired qualities is the big bone of our breeding success.

The base of our best breeding results from Swiss, Mexican, French, Canadian, American and English top breeders. Our goal is to look for best physical and behavioural features, ensure that they are well marked and compatible within our necessities. A good dog often makes the glory of its instructor but, without good dog, there is no good instructor.

At the Mira Foundation, we search and analyze ceaselessly dog pedigrees resulting from lineage presenting capacities to contribute to the improvement of our livestock, as much as the behavioural and physical plan. Even though science made huge genetic progress, nature still has her own secrets!

There’s numerous physical defect passed on genetically. They can affect their temperament and their health. Indeed psychological as aggressiveness, fear, features and activity level is passed on from a generation to the other, same as certain diseases like epilepsy, dysphasia, retinal pigmentation, degenerative arthrosis, osteocondritis dissecans, etc... We have to take care of purifying the lineages to manage the production of an excellent guide dog.

Basically at MIRA you will find Labrador and Mountain Bernese . The crossing of these two dogs gives us now an excellent dog: Labernese. Mira Foundation possesses livestock of 1000 dogs and insures a follow-up of the dog throughout its life. It is an inexhaustible information source.


Éric et ses chiens

Le chenil de St-Césaire compte quelques pensionnaires hors du commun : des chevaux, des chats et même quelques oies qui cohabitent avec le cheptel.
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Vert demain !

Utiliser les terres de la ferme de St-Césaire pour les besoins du Jardin Gaétan Girouard
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Santol au Château

La vie de château ! Quel privilège pour un chien !
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