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With your support

Since 1981, MIRA works to help disabled individuals lead their lives independently as functioning members of society. We do this by providing dogs bred and trained to respond to their adaptation and rehabilitation needs. The work of the Foundation aims to improve the functional capabilities of individuals, particularly in terms of mobility and orientation, so they can move freely in their living environment.

Each year, MIRA gives more than 180 dogs and assistance to people who have one or more impairments, either visual, motor or neurological. Each dog is presented for free and costs an average of $ 30 000 to the MIRA Foundation. The MIRA Foundation receives no subsidy and its financing depends entirely on donations from the general public. It is important to note that all MIRA Foundation’s services are made available for free.

When dogs are attributed, people are accommodated throughout their training period; four weeks for people with visual impairments, three weeks for people with mobility impairment and a week for parents of children who have a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). During this period, people are adjusting to their new dog and acquire all the skills to use the dog effectively, comfortably and safely.

In 33 years, MIRA has demonstrated repeatedly (more than 2,000 attributions) the adequacy and effectiveness of a dog to give back life and hope to those who momentarily, but badly, lost it. It is easy to understand that the demand for a MIRA dog is constantly growing and that needs are increasing:

• Need a greater amount of dogs to better meet the demand;

• Need for further research and development to help more people;

• Need to continue development of the new race, the Labernese, and stay the leader in innovative guide or assistance dog;

• Need to double the current training areas to reduce wait times and increase the number of annual attributions of guide or assistance dogs;

• Need to keep track of nearly 800 dogs currently at work, and ensure the replacement of dogs every seven years on average.

MIRA obtains very promising results in implementing its programs and wants to continue its growth.

MIRA, 33 years of concocting love and passion, a recipe that feeds.

Thank you for helping us better see the future!


Des organisateurs hors-pair

Plusieurs personnes et entreprises contribuent à l’œuvre de la Fondation MIRA par l’organisation d’événements bénéfices.

Familles et Autisme

La fondation MIRA, avec la collaboration de familles d’enfants autistes
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